Hey! Ali is here:

I am Ali Nezamolmaleki (Nezamolmolk), an experienced Senior Marketing manager based in Berlin, Germany.

I helped different businesses in the past years to grow their revenue through different channels like SEO, SEM, Influencer Marketing, Paid advertisement, and social media.

I worked in different industries such as legal services, travel industry, NGOs, Saas, and e-commerce.

Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (Highly technical SEO), Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Growth, and Customer Acquisition.

Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) focused in Computer Software Engineering.

In the past three years, I was present in-house at Sofatutor.com, and AirHelp as Team lead organic growth and Head of Search.

At AirHelp, I was part of driving +350% YoY traffic growth and +200% sales.

Some of my achievement:

🏢 Create and manage a team with in-house and remote SEO specialists and copywrites (5 Agency and +10 Freelancer) at AirHelp. Our team was responsible to deliver the best experience to users across the world with 24 languages.

✨ Create a team and new channels in different areas of performance, influencers communication, social media, and organic marketing.

✈️ We were focusing on developing world-leading proprietary technology including an automated experimentation system for measuring and driving SEO changes.

You can find me easily anywhere online,

and if you are somewhere around Berlin, let’s have a coffee.

Email: hi [at] alinzm.com