Hey there! I’m Ali, a software engineer and entrepreneur rocking the scene.
I’m all about pushing boundaries and making things happen.
Originally from Iran, I studied my way through the tech world, ready to shake things up.

Back in 2011, I had this epic idea and brought it to life as Ordonline. It’s a game-changer, a book marketplace that’s taken Iran by storm. Imagine connecting bookworms all over the country and giving them access to an insane collection of literary gems. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

It didn’t stop there. I co-founded Homafaran Georgia, a travel marketplace that’s breaking borders. We’re talking about revolutionising how people access travel and tour services not only in Georgia but also in the Middle East and Central Asia.

And guess what? I’ve been collaborating with names like AirHelp, Sofatutor, Kiwi, Flexperto, Iran Traveling Center, Georgia and Iran Chamber of Commerce, and so many more. Together, we’ve been rocking the growth mindset and helping these companies reach new heights. It’s been one heck of a ride!

But you know me, I’m always up to something exciting. Right now, I’m pouring my energy into Faircado. It’s my latest venture, and we’re on a mission to make second-hand goods the top choice for everyone. Let’s change the game and make sustainable consumption cool. Who’s with me?

Join me on this crazy journey where innovation meets hustle, and we’re rewriting the playbook of entrepreneurship. I’m just a twenty-something-year-old ready to make a dent in the universe, bringing fresh ideas and shaking up the status quo. Let’s create an awesome future together!

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