About me

I’m an Online Citizen and specialise in Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing with 7+ years’ experience in a diverse range of digital channels and services including; digital and SEO strategy, SEO – technical, SEO – relationship building & outreach, SEO – content planning & creation, SEO – social media, attribution and analytics, search/ website user intent & UX, search performance and journalism.

I studied Software engineering and I was crazy about IT since my childhood, I have a technical background and am good in HTML & CSS and am comfortable working with PHP, Javascript, and MySQL.

I am also experienced in WordPress, Joomla, and other CMSs. Also Social media marketing, and have led initiatives to drive traffic from platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr is part of my daily life. I’m blogging since 2005, training Online Marketing and interested in Communications Management, Performance Marketing, Project Management, Affiliate Marketing, and e-commerce.

I help companies and businesses with online marketing and user growth in: 

  • User growth strategy and tactics
  • Search Engine Optimization – technical & editorial audits, SEO strategy/tactics
  • Web Metrics – Google Analytics training, audits, metrics strategy
  • Conversion optimization – A/B testing, user flow optimization
  • Facebook advertising and other Social Media Campaigns